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Asset Facility Management :

Asset or Facility Management takes care or oversees large, complex, distributed and diverse asset portfolios of clients. Moreover, a Facility Management Company is asked to show the client that services are being delivered in the most efficient and sustainable manner. The new business environment wherein computer-aided facilities have come up in big way require even more attention in facility management than other segments of businesses.

Asset Management is a complex subject which not only considers fixing what breaks rather lot more than optimization of assets. Notwithstanding, a successful asset management requires proactive maintenance and tracking of assets as well as forecast the performance. Megasys offers Asset Management Solution in the form of tools, techniques, and technologies to help its clients optimize maintenance resources, improve equipment and enhance staff productivity.

The Asset/Equipment and Warranty Management System being offered by us is an effective way to track assets, equipment, and vehicles as well as warranties, etc. to increase up time and lower down overall costs. Serving to various industries including of manufacturing, health care, finance or education, etc. through its effective implementation of CMM (Computerized Maintenance Management System), we are helping our clients in maintain equipment, vehicles, and warranties management.

Some of our leading modules are as follows:

Equipment/Asset Module: Tracking of various equipments or assets across all locations of client. Warranty Module: It is being used for tracking out warranties and expirations.

Work Order Module: The importance of this module is that it can be used to track routine maintenance, emergency and other activities which were scheduled for any equipment.

Inventory Module: Inventory Module can be used for the management of several stocking locations by buildings, and stock rooms as well as storage bins.

Purchase Order Module: It is being implementing for the implementation of customized PO approval processes.

Time Card Module: The Time Card Module is being used to track and manage labor costs by clients.

Mobile Portable Devices: The latest utility solution from us is being used for the management of inventory, PO receipts and work orders.

Dynamic Query Builder: One of the most advanced solution from the company; it allows users to define their queries for each module.

Features of the System

Whereas the system is user-friendly and can be used by anyone in the most effective manner, it is embedded with the world class training provided by our teams. It is a kind of reinforcement of engineering principles as we help our clients in asset management and for that do routine tracking to add to the usefulness and life of assets and equipment. Our new processing power and reporting capabilities generate timely information crucial to making power decisions. Implementing the CMMS where it's needed the most so that the act is cost effective and most productive. Moreover, it helps in tying of the maintenance department as part of the management team which ultimately helps the overall maintenance of assets. Our asset management has immense scope as it has equal productivity in home facility management or asset management, manufacturing, schools, government, etc.

Some Other Features of Asset Management

Role Based Security: It is used for defining its own roles, role rights, user-rights, etc. amongst others.

Audit Trail: Are being used mainly in auditing of any screen within the application. Customizable

Screens: These are called customize screens, text, and labels which can be used for various purposes.

Customizable Fields: These are defined by clients own fields and for each screen within the system of clients himself.


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