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The demand for automotive solutions is bound to increase as intense competition in this sector calls for companies to reduce cost of production and improve customer care. Automotive solutions help clients improve their supply chain management, and marketing & sales management along with overall business process automation, etc. amongst others for critical advantage factor. Helping out clients meet their business objectives, Megasys provides a technology framework that empowers clients accelerate insight and innovation.

Moreover, the automotive solutions by Megasys also help clients make situation easier for them to do business with their customers, vendors, and partners. The company develops automotive solutions which are industry specific and offer a complete range of IT solutions and supporting services to meet client's business requirements. Some of the leading segments which are being served by automotive solutions from Megasys are as follows:

Manufacturing Operations

Helping out product planners, manufacturing executives, plant managers, supervisors and suppliers the means to manage and adapt their manufacturing environments to meet modern day challenges, Megasys develops cutting edge software solutions for manufacturing operations.


Automotive solutions by Megasys can be used for every step of the Sales and Marketing process by the automobile company. Management of the enterprise, controlling multiple campaigns in several countries, advertising in targeted digital channels, and updating the sales process from customer research and interaction to post-campaign evaluation of spend, etc. are some key functions which can be performed using automotive solutions by the company.

Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration

Megasys offers easy-to-use, familiar, integrated software capabilities or automotive solutions which can be used to enable multi-dimensional collaboration and actionable visibility into real-world supply chain management. Moreover, the automotive solutions not only ensure cost-effective and timely integration with suppliers, but permit higher flexibility for on-premise legacy systems and minimize the production cost also.

Major offerings:

  • Dedicated call center solution (Inbound /Outbound /Telemarketing)
  • Online marketing solution.


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