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Bussiness Intelligence:

Often considered as decision support system, Business Intelligence is a substantial part of modern day business management. It helps in better business decision-making with skills, technologies, applications and practices as well acquire a better understanding of commercial context. The application of business intelligence may include a range of components including of tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts, dashboards, etc.

Use of Business Intelligence

Connecting people with information in an easy-to-use way so they can make better decisions, Business Intelligence helps in:

  • Setting targets and understand what drives the numbers as well as see the outcome,
  • Identifying various trends which could be potential thread or benefits,
  • Contextualizing the action for decision-making across every department,
  • Identification and analysis of opportunities and trends,
  • Delivering trusted information for a single version of the truth,
  • Preferred mode of reporting using reports, dashboards, scorecards, etc,
  • Authorizes to make report and share the same with others,
  • Effective solution planning service, and others.

Work of Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence solutions collect volumes of data and store the same so that it can be used to fetch meaningful information for effective management of operations. Notwithstanding, it leverages client’s existing data investment as it collects, stores, and turns it into meaningful reports and analysis which every concerned party can use. Needless to admit Business Intelligence sees information across departments and drills down to discover the underlying causes of positive or negative performances.

Fundamental functions of Business Intelligence include reporting, OLAP, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarks, text mining, and predictive analytics, etc. and the same is used by business organizations to shorten the decision-making. Additionally, Business Intelligence can be used to align everyone with one, reliable version of business issues with common data definitions and understanding of priorities.

Why Business Intelligence from Megasys

Better understanding of client’s customers helps clients design action plan to increase the satisfaction level. Moreover, based on the customer intelligence report, clients can take crucial and critical decisions. Similarly, it is better to rely on facts for decisions rather on gut feeling and Business Intelligence gives clients the benefit to assess business performance from different angles and reach onto beneficial conclusion.

Megasys has a pool of talented professionals who have expertise over data analysis using tools like Cognos and Hyperion. Some key features of Megasys’s Business Intelligence include:

  • Business Intelligence can be used for faster implementation of future actions and plans;
  • It can be used for detailed database of different industries and categories;
  • Business intelligence can utilized to ascertains the present position of the company;
  • Better planning of marketing strategies can be done using business intelligence;
  • Making better business decisions by using Business Intelligence.


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