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E-learning :

E-learning is the most sophisticated method of learning on the maze of learning which has always been transforming for better. Zapping out the learning method for millions of people globally, e-learning is an ever evolving solution. Binary Semantics with its new technological advances helps a lot by various inputs in e-learning and offers e-learning solutions containing enhanced features which in long term are going to help people learn in most effective way.

A leader in e-learning solution and services market, the firm has helped e-learning evolve tremendously in meaning and enhance with new features. Binary Semantics develops e-learning solution which is effective for learners as it is designed around the learner and is available round the clock and accessible to multiple people at the same time.

E-learning Authoring Tools of Binary Semantics

A prominent name in e-learning solution providing companies, Binary Semantics uses e-learning Authoring tools including of MS Word, Power point, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Authorware, Director, XML Spy, and Visual Intradev, etc. Experts working with the firm offer e-learning solution to clients with the help of e-learning programming languages such as Java, JSP, C++, visual basics,,, advanced java, Mobile VB, etc.

E-learning Services by Binary Semantics

The following e-learning services are being offered by Binary Semantics:

  • E-Learning Consultancy
  • Content Development (Multilingual)
  • Instructional Designing
  • Web Based Training (WBT) Development
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) Development
  • Online Test, Media Production, Scenario Based Learning,
  • Simulation Based CBT/WBT Development
  • Testing and QA (CBT / WBT), Etc

Binary Semantics is a technology-neutral firm which develops e-learning solutions based on client's budget and delivery platform. Moreover, it chooses the best possible tools and technologies to meet client's E-learning solutions requirements using the following Programming languages:

  • Java, JSP, C++, visual basics,,, advanced java, Mobile VB

E-learning Database development:

  • racle, MS access, MS SQL, SQL server

E-learning Graphics production tools:

  • Photoshop, Sound forge, Premier, Flash, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and 3D studio Max, Director MX.


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