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Bringing out a perfect educational solution ideal for education sector organizations, MegasysIndia provides assistance in teaching and learning with the help of technological output. With various software solutions offered by the company for education sector encompass development of information systems to support E-learning services.

Additionally, software solution for critical operations of higher education and custom content delivery has multiple uses for the organization and learners. MegasysIndia has developed technology, tools, programs, solutions, etc. to help education challenges and improve teaching and learning opportunities with technological inputs.

Some Attractive Solutions for Education Sector

  • HE (HRMS/Student Admin) v9.0
  • Campus Community
  • HR
  • Benefits Administration
  • Time & Labor
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting/Admissions
  • Student Records/Curriculum
  • Academic Advising
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Financials

The services being offered by the solution from MegasysIndia is meant for clients ranging from enterprise companies and government agencies to schools and universities. Moreover, when a requirement for effective learning management comes out a solution of such a nature becomes essential. Software solutions help educational organizations optimize their operations and utilize the available technological inputs for result oriented task. Some of the following tasks can be performed using education solution offered by MegasysIndia:

  • Visa, Country code, Jobs, Licenses, Memberships
  • Name Usage
  • Setting up Match/Search
  • Personal Identification Data
  • Health Data
  • Participation Data
  • Athletics
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Student Groups
  • Setting up Checklists
  • Campus Event planning

Besides the above the solution offered by MegasysIndia helps in Recruiting and Admissions, Setting up Recruiting structure, Setting up Prospects, Evaluating Applicants, Admissions Programs, External Data, Evaluating Applicants, Program Offers, etc.

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