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Electronic Work Order System developed by Megasys promises to improve efficiency and streamline workflow as well as increase the communication with its customizable Work Order or Time Tracking solutions, etc. amongst others. Moreover, it allows client's staff and customers as well as vendors to collaborate in the Work Order Process in a secured environment and allows for secured access in internet-enabled scenario.

Accessibility of the System

Our EWOS allows clients to have secure access of the system from any computer which has an Internet connection through assurance that each transaction is encrypted with SSL which offers maximum security to the account or system. Moreover clients can manage user accessibility with a built-in user authentication system and set levels of access. The system can be used by individual to protect data from hacking or theft.

Notwithstanding, EWOS allows customers to use the system by restricting the accessibility to only the applicable data and for that it can be set up for unlimited customers, projects, work orders, work groups, locations, employees, Job Codes, etc. Additionally, clients can take advantage of user-friendly dashboards which display information by user role in generating various track bar codes.

Checking Out Work Orders

EWOS allows clients see all Work Orders. Work Orders can be glanced and tracking can be done through unique identifiers, customer identifiers, and legacy system identifiers. Additionally, the tracking activity may even include the tracking of flow of each work and an automatic e-mail notification can be set so that when orders are created it is notified. Similarly, unlimited work instructions with primary and sub instructions can be set and used again and again.

Our EWOS can be used to set up Work Order types and unlimited Equipment or components by Work Order tasks can be tracked too in manual entry or spreadsheet load. Additionally, BOM of materials for a Work Order or tasks in a Work Order in manual entry or spreadsheet load as well as uploading of attachments for Work Order or Work Order tasks too can be performed using EWOS.

Notwithstanding, EWOS can be used to estimate time and work units, set up automatic notification if actual hours exceed the estimated hours and use Search Work Orders by multiple criteria. Additionally, the execution of a variety of queries, and running reports to track progress of Equipment or Work Orders is being made possible in EWOS.

Shop Floor Tracking

EWOS can be used to track equipment or component when work begins and ends as well as actions can be recorded against tasks. Using it, clients can set up quick record options or 'Pass or Fail' and 'Initial Required' options, etc. amongst others. EWOS can be used for the tracking and for that barcodes tracking is the most sophisticated way. Moreover, using it clients can hold actions against VIN.

Time Tracking

EWOS has multiple uses and using it clients can take advantage of a custom interface to their corporate time keeping system. Moreover, the interface can be restricted to the Work Order level. The system allows individuals to enter their own time activity as well as it auto fills Work Orders for individuals who recorded activity against that day.

Moreover, it ensures accuracy by requiring Supervisor's approval for all time activities. Notwithstanding, clients can control overtime with customizable options and set up and receive automatic email notifications in case actual hours exceed to the estimated hours. EWOS can be used to utilize time adjustment capabilities and track Holiday, Vacation, and Sick Time, etc.

Collection of Reports

EWOS helps in collection of reports which include Equipment Summary Reports, Task Summary Reports, Equipment Detail Reports, Time Labor Reports, Customer Statistical Reports, etc.


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