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Fleet / Event Management :

Implementation of Fleet Management System offered by Megasys has great imperatives as helps clients make the most productive use of their private fleet. Our fleet management system enables our clients manage the high cost of equipment, fuel and labor, etc. in the most cost effective way. Helping out our clients through optimizing fleet delivery planning by which improvement, utilization, reduction of costs, increase customer satisfaction, etc. is possible.

Fleet Management System is being used to improve efficiency and streamline workflow as well as increased data accuracy. The accessibility of data at any time and anywhere is another excellent feature of our customizable Fleet Management solution. Some leading features of Fleet Management Solutions are as follows:

  • It is a web-based system that offers easy-to-use calendar views of client's fleet's dispositions;
  • It can be used to do schedule equipment, people, and dates for transporting;
  • Helping out clients in the management of user access with a built-in user authentication system as clients can set level of access for individual user types so that sensible data is protected.

Easy Scheduling of the System

  • The unique feature of Fleet Management System is that clients can use its calendar interface for quick and easy scheduling;
  • Using Fleet Management System and the embedded calendar clients can view monthly or weekly schedules;
  • The calendar can be used fro scheduling of actions and events for prospective use.

Fleet Management

  • Our Fleet Management Solution can be used for scheduling out vehicles for use by individuals, projects, etc.
  • Additionally, the system helps in the management of scheduled and unscheduled repairs of vehicles.
  • It can be used for the maintenance of complete history of vehicle activity, etc. amongst others.

Program Management

  • The system helps in creation of programs which can be used to assign equipment and people, for ease of scheduling.
  • Another major application of the system is to create work orders vis-�-vis program which assign people and equipment;
  • Helps in elimination or reduction of use of paper and mitigates the chances of errors or lost transactions.

Customer Management

Generating various programs for customers and managing various customer contacts is a key feature of Fleet Management Solution. Additionally, customers can use it for the management of their programs and resources which even includes staff and equipment.

Equipment Management

Our Fleet Management Solution helps clients to create equipment in numerous types according to their specific requirements. In addition to creating and managing equipment information including of images, clients can track and manage location also.


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