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iM3 Supply Chain Solution :

iM3 Supply Chain Solution being offered by MegasysIndia helps clients reduce operating costs to become more profitable and improve customer service to be an effective competitor. With iM3 clients can handle customer service in cost-effective manner and achieve the targeted goals as well as can predict and shape customer demand. iM3 enables client companies get the right goods to the right customer and that too at the right time.

Why iM3 Supply Chain Solution

Implementing technological inputs in supply chain management client organizations manage their inventory and products from contracts to invoicing to detailing in the most effective method. Additionally, cardinal activities of supply chain process including of vendor management and reporting can be managed by implementing iM3 solution.

Key iM3 Solutions

  • Mobile Portable Devices
    These are the latest utility solutions which are being used for effective and swift management of inventory, PO receipts, work orders, etc.
  • Dynamic Query Builder
    Offering one of the cutting-edge supply chain management solutions with Dynamic Query Builder from MegasysIndia allows clients define the queries for each module in specific manner.
  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management Solution supports multiple stocking locations, multiple buildings, stock rooms, storage bins, etc. and can be used for the management of inventory products. Moreover, with Inventory Management Solution at disposal clients can categorize items by product types and set reorder mins and max as well as can record transaction activities besides doing queries. Additionally, clients can setup multiple vendors with multiple Purchasing Units.
  • Warehouse Management
    iM3 is proven, advanced Warehouse Management Solution ideal for manufacturing, distribution, and retail enterprises as well as third-party logistics providing companies. The software solution can be used by enterprising organizations be of any size or shape and get help from it to maximize product placement strategies. Prioritization of tasks, implementation of fair productivity standards, increased logistics efficiency, etc. are some other features.
  • Vendor Management Module
    Vendor Management from easy to complex can be done with the help of Vendor Management Software Solution offered by us wherein coordination and management of vendors and contracts becomes easy and effective. The solution at place can help vendor have one or more products and a product have multiple vendors simultaneously.
  • Purchase Order Management Solution (POMS) With Purchase Order Management Solution which is integrated with the inventory and vendor module allows client´┐Żs rapidly generate and distribute PO with various modes of communication including of email, fax or EDI with XML capabilities, etc. amongst others. Additionally, POMS in use, tracking of purchase can be tracked any time and the available data can be used for further use.

Some Additional Features of iM3 Solution

The supply chain management is so complex that to manage the complexity software solutions are must. iM3 Solution helps clients utilize it for specialized functionality and cut it to meet the current and future requirement for it is customizable. With the solution clients increase inter alia profitability, competitiveness, and growth.

Whereas iM3 has Customizable Fields wherein clients can define fields and screen on his own, it has Role Based Security too wherein users can define roles, role rights, user-rights, etc. Similarly, Audit Trail in iM3 Solution can be used for auditing of any screen within the application; it is customizable and can be cut into fit the specific requirement of clients. Customized screens in iM3 offer screens, text, and labels for practical use to borrower.



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