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Identity Management :

Identity Management Solution

Understanding various requirements of identification, implementation, administration and termination of identities vis-�-vis access to information systems, buildings and data within an organization, Megasys offers a cutting edge identity management solution to its customers. Its identity management solution helps clients manage the compliance in accordance with regulatory requirements and secure critical applications and sensitive data as well as lower down operational costs.

Using Identity Management Solutions clients can manage the entire user identity life cycle across various enterprises' resource. Additionally, it can be used to get users, systems and applications online and in fast manner. Helping its clients maintain dynamic compliance to increase the resiliency and security of their IT environment, Identity Management Solution enables our clients in reduction of costs and maximization of ROI.

Features of Identity Management Solution

It is highly flexible and easy to deploy and can be automated as well as simplify the management of user identities, access rights and compliance policies across the client's organization. Moreover, Identity Management Solution can be used to manage internal users, customers, citizens and partners through the Internet. Our security solutions help users to build a protective environment during the interaction, liaison and business, etc.

We have developed long term partnership with government, financial institutions, law enforcement and state intelligence wings and provide numerous security solutions. Additionally, our security solutions are ideal for businesses including financial institutions, manufacturing, security agencies, and human resource provider as well as educational institutions, etc.

Moreover, the identity Management solutions have been integrated with various technologies including of identity such as passport, license, etc., web-cams, fingerprinting scanning & matching, scanners, smart card technologies. We offer our services to three sections which are as follows:

  • Individuals & Home owners
  • Business
  • Police & Govt. Agencies


Our services to organizations involved in business include registration of the business entity, verification and branding of the same. Additionally, the registration and verification of employees, contractors and other individuals in the company is done in strictly careful manner. Notwithstanding, smart card integration and management of employee or contractor identities is done so that clients feel safe and secure.

Individuals and Home Owners

Serving out individual and home owners we do registration to establish the individual identity and for that we validate the identity which includes education, work experience, references, key emergency contacts, etc. amongst others.

  • Scanning of the personal the personal identities including of passport, driving licenses, pan card, ration card, etc. is done so that authentication is done and the employee is registered only after verification.
  • Help our clients get the registration and verification of tenants done in easy and smooth manner and for that we offer major Police contacts to them.

Police and Government Agencies

  • Helping out government authorities including of Police, we do checking of criminal backgrounds, backgrounds by business, request background verifications, etc. Additionally, tracking of foreign nationals, students activities at cyber cafes, and tracing of IP addresses too is done at the requested by relevant government authority.
  • Building of an intelligent data-warehouse is done so that monitoring criminal elements is possible. We help police authorities in rooting out criminals before they commit next crime. Post incident investigation is another key feature of our services to police.


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