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Serving manufacturing industry with its cutting edge software solutions, Megasys has been in the trade for nearly three decades. A promising manufacturing sector, global manufacturing companies are trying to reduce operational expenditure and invest in process improvement. Additionally, trying to optimally utilize the existing capacity and increase efficiencies as well as maintain product quality. Moreover, these companies are trying to meet safety standards and regulatory norms in the most effective way possible.

Megasys Advantages

In manufacturing process the software solution from Megasys helps clients transform raw materials into a product to meet customer's requirements. Additionally, it enables clients meet out increasing competition, global manufacturing scenario, changing customer needs, new supply chain problems, etc. The solution offered by the firm is cost effective, accurate, time saving. With suitable and latest solutions, Megasys serves manufacturing industry to:

  • Reduce cycle time,
  • Integrate the supply chain,
  • Manage the shop floor,
  • Support an expanding number of distribution channels, and
  • More efficiently use capital
  • Leverage a robust manufacturing technology to save time and money.

Key Points of Manufacturing Solution

Integration of processes and workflows from the warehouses to the shop floor to the loading dock has been felt for long in manufacturing industry and software development companies have tried their best to leverage manufacturing companies to manage their work effectively and squeeze out production costs while ensuring product quality. Moreover, the IT solution by Megasys helps clients meet their unique business and manufacturing technology needs by integrating IT assets into more open and adaptable business systems.

Notwithstanding, the manufacturing solutions and business applications developed by Megasys help companies design, build, and market products in the most effective manner. Similarly, manufacturers can swiftly deploy proven applications to accelerate time-to-market and drive down production costs. Integration of supply chain management is another work which is done swiftly by using the manufacturing solution.

What Megasys Offers to Manufacturing Industry

The firm is known for its manufacturing solutions which facilitate its clients control all stages and bottlenecks of their manufacturing business which may even include order processing, bill of material (BOM), material-resource planning (MRP), production planning and control (PPC), purchase, inventory management, production scheduling, quality management, job costing, etc. The firm claims that the implementation of the solution enables clients accomplish the desired results.

Megasys helps clients streamline their manufacturing processes for optimum results which is directly connected with the sales, supply chain, finance, customer relationship management (CRM), and other business operations the organization. This all helps clients achieve effective operations management and use data mining, optimization, linear programming and decision support science (DSS), etc. for business advantage.

Some of Megasys's solutions to manufacturing industry includes:

  • Custom Application Engineering Solution
  • Product Engineering Solution
  • Data Analysis Solution
  • E-commerce Solution
  • RFID Solution
  • Telemarketing Support
  • Process Reengineering Consulting.


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