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Media Entertainment:

Megasys provides Media & Entertainment solutions to top notch media and entertainment organizations which are involved in segments such as broadcasting, online gaming, publishing and content processing, etc. amongst others. Moreover, clientele list confidently shows that the firm has been able to offer cost effective media and entertainment solutions to clients who are looking for technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets and enable innovative business processes as well as enhance the transparency of revenue streams.

Challenges for media and entertainment

The unique challenge which media and entertainment industry is facing is that in view of growth of immense variety of infotainment delivery channels with every company having different characteristics, and market requirements as well as customer preferences, there is not one solution to meet out the imposing challenges. Notwithstanding, Megasys offers Media and Entertainment solutions which help clients provide the best and most reliable consumer entertainment experience at cost effective way.

Megasys Advantage

Megasys has been offering software solutions for nearly three decades and with its Media and Entertainment solution clients have been receiving mega advantages. Clients can get the tools that require to manage content and metadata, automate content transformation, distribution, implement & achieve as well as provide shareable, scalable storage throughout the content lifecycle, etc. amongst others. Some other advantages are as follows:

  • Analog to digital conversion - Speeds up clients' migration to a tapeless broadcast environment and turns broadcast content into revenue.
  • Digital media content management - does automation of the creation, ingestion, editing, and transformation of rich media files and metadata.
  • Physical Security - helps improve the management of physical surveillance data from capture through monitoring, analyzing, protecting, and archiving, etc. amongst others.
  • Intelligent data management and protection - supports in storage, protection, reuse, and archiving of media content.
  • Compliance - helping out to secure financial and customer data to ensure compliance with entertainment business regulations in existence.
  • Automated workflows - creating a file-based workflow so that speedy distribution of content is possible.
  • Continuous Data Protection - the additional performance is to protect business and operational systems from losing the transactional information.
  • Recovery Management - helping out in integration of traditional and promising technologies to guard and recover data quickly, simply, and reliably.
  • Storage Consolidation -by consolidating systems supporting rich media files during all stages of production, media and entertainment solution maximizes client's investments in IT.
  • Contracts Management - Unifying the process of creating, managing, and archiving contracts, entertainment and media solutions offer access to control, approval processes, etc.
  • Editorial Publishing - helping out clients optimize editorial workflows from the initial publication concept to final multi-channel delivery, media and entertainment solutions are cost effective.

End-to-End Media & Entertainment Solutions - Broad portfolio of services for Media & Entertainment clients includes:

  • Application Maintenance and Support;
  • DBA Services;
  • Application Development;
  • Business Intelligence services;
  • Content Management;
  • Web Operations Support;
  • Infrastructure Management Services;
  • Re-engineering Services;
  • V&V Services;
  • CRM Maintenance and Support.


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