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People Plus :

People Plus which is a technology based tool for web-based HR Management is also known for offering comprehensive range of services including of consulting, implementation, integration technical support and solutions optimization services to support staffing professionals, and managers as well as vendors. The crucial fact about staffing service is to hire right people at the right time and People Plus offers one point solution wherein clients can meet their requirement whether need to staff at a single facility or support a multi-location national operation.

People Plus offers staffing services which can be considered the cornerstone of the services provided by it. Its staff augmentation services aims to minimize the need for re-learning of critical vertical nuances as increase the per employee output. Moreover, ensuring its clients with its relevant business professionals resourcing under contract staffing, it enhances the value proposition to the client and enables them to have higher ROI. Offering a comprehensive range of solutions to manage enterprise staffing which includes professional, hourly, temporary, service contract, etc.

Delivering a fully configurable suite of software application and services to its clients, the solutions have received wide popularity for being completely integrated solutions which support consistent staffing processes and solve the complex staffing challenges of enterprises as well as improve the process in consistent manner.

Advantages of People Plus

  • In order to reduce cost-per-hire and time-per-hire, People Plus uses a proprietary methodology and identifies the most qualified candidates.
  • Offering a competitive edge, People Plus enables client companies search and manage new talent.
  • Simplifying the challenge of searching out for suitable candidate at the right time, People Plus serves its clients with excellent staffing service which is quick and swift.
  • Providing unique and customized web-based recruitment technology as well as talent consulting services, People Plus is known for talent acquisition and recruitment process management.
  • The staffing service by People Plus enables clients to look after their core work and leave secondary work such as recruiting and training to it.
  • People Plus helps clients receive eligible candidates through automated and enhanced staffing process. The latest solution can be implemented swiftly and that too with minimal disruption and investment.
  • The solution offered by People Plus provides a database which is structured by stakeholders such as candidates, employee skills, and career preference. When all credentials are met then only any recruitment takes place.

State-Of-The-Art e-services

People Plus offers account management and services for resource management as well as candidate selection and relocation or travel management services to clients. Using a built-in report writer to enhance business intelligence, it has an extensive personnel knowledge database, including of certifications, project and work experience, etc. amongst others.

Renowned entity for real-time resource availability and on-line skills inventory, People Plus offers flexible pricing model for internal license and training, external model including of back office support, etc. Additionally, the company is availing content pricing which can save money and time on recruitment administration for clients.

People Plus Caters to the following:

Requirement Management

People Plus understands the client's requirements and offers specialized requirement management services wherein it creates, distributes and publishes requirements as well as allows vendors to submit resumes. It accepts resumes from candidates and formats resumes automatically to filter out eligible candidates.

Resume Management and Resume Builder

Resume management and resume building are being considered leading services in recruitment process, and People Plus with its resume rating, skills inventory and price bidding helps clients in the most cost effective manner.

Recruitment Process Handling

Handling the following recruitment process, People Plus applies cutting edge approach in it:

Interview Process

People Plus selects resumes and forwards them to appropriate managers for further proceeding. Additionally, it communicates with vendors, managers and candidates as well as arranges interviews.

Pre Selection Process

During pre-selection process, People Plus benchmarks personalities, abilities and interests of various candidates and then screens candidates through numerous reference checks, background checks, security checks, drug testing, etc. Subsequently the verification of skills, degree certifications, and experience, etc. are done for smooth and safe recruitment.

Post Selection Process

In post-selection process, People Plus does negotiate pricing and replacement findings. The final selection is made and purchase orders are issued.

Management of Resources

A crucial feature of company's work profile, management of budgets and maximization of available resources as well as management of skills inventory and knowledge base is given high priority by the whole organization and its management.

Back Office Logistics

For the better coordination of functions between departments including of Travel Services, Orientation, Security Badges, Workstations, Time Sheet Management, Contract Management, etc. People Plus has back office logistics management services.

Vendor Management

Playing crucial role in the development of People Plus, vendor management helps in reduction of costs associated with resource selection and management as well as in the management of vendors and sub vendors.

Project Management

Project management by People Plus defines project details and assignment of resources considering the duration and type of the project. Moreover, it evaluates resource deployment i.e. whether permanent or contracted. Further it offers cost effective solutions for project management which can generate high ROI. Maintaining recruitment templates for Permanent or Contracted resources, People Plus allows resources to be assigned to projects based on pre-planned goals.

Time Sheet Management

The time sheet management by People Plus allows time sheets to be completed online. Additionally, it handles the total Work or Billing Cycle of project resources of clients.

Work Order Management

Managing statement of work (SOW) publication and providing information about the project duration and resource rates, etc. People Plus serves as a bridge between the supplier and customer.

Expense and Travel Management

A crucial function of the firm, tracking the expenses throughout the project and helping out various plans and coordinate relocation to deliver on critical project conditions and pre-assigned targets serves to clients in the most effective and cost effective way.

Services and Staffing Expertise

Offering comprehensive range of staffing services, People Plus provides Job Requisition Database. The job requisition database is then used to accept resumes which help in swift recruitment process to be carried out to cater to the requirement of clients.


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