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Program Management:

Megasys with its Program Management helps organizations materialize their dreams and achieve their set goals; for that it coordinates and prioritizes the available resources across projects and manages links between the projects, the overall costs and risks of the program. Its project management is concerned with the dynamic allocation, utilization, and direction of resources. Coming up with planning embedded with organizing, directing, and controlling of company resources, Megasys aims to offer suitable and successful program management to its clients

Rational management of human and technical resources to produce individual and collective output and reduce the production cost is fundamental part of Program Management. Without a Program Management there would be non-directional project management and which again could immensely be affected by a series of negotiations which would end up on not aligned goals. Organizations can get timely delivery of projects, and meet defined quality guidelines, budget and manage risks with Program Management Consulting services from Megasys.

What Megasys Offers

A reputed name in IT services, Megasys offers best consultancy services in the following segments:
  • Phase wise, smooth and fast project roll out.
  • Process Re-engineering expertise;
  • Project Management capabilities;
  • Business and technology capabilities;
  • Risk Management expertise;
  • 20 years of industry experience and knowledge base;

Megasys understands requirement of resource management and priorities for the maximum benefit of the organization. It helps organizations set aside some tasks to wait for the completion of the most critical one. Some of the following Program Management consultancy services offered to organizations by Megasys are as follows:

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational structure design and staffing
  • Integration of budget and performance criteria
  • Integration and control of cost, time lines, and technology
  • Performance Assessment
  • Procurement and Acquisition management
  • Program Review and Evaluations
  • Training and Knowledge transfer management
  • Program documentation development and management
  • Regulatory and QA review.


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