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Commercial organizations, security agencies and public authorities around the world face numerous challenges in terms of security management. As challenge of evolving critical security solutions is critical, Megasys offers customized security solutions to clients who want to manage their security in effective manner. Moreover, technology-enabled safety and security systems form an integral part of any organization to meet wide-ranging security issues.

The company offers security solutions for the following:

Building Management System

Megasys develops comprehensive building management solution which helps clients in admission control, Electronic observation and Attendance Management based on Biometric Technology. The security solutions are aimed to enable clients cater to the need of individual buildings.

Access Control System

Management of any organization uses Access Control System for time attendance wherein it can watch the employee movement inside the premises. Additionally, it makes attendance recording an on-line system and secures presence recording from any sort of operation with the online validations of Shift and Department.

Then there are another kind of Access Control System wherein clients can secure their premises from unwanted guests and staff and assets. The security solution from Megasys offers safety features with the added advantage of linking into Time and Attendance systems which can be used for segmentative entry of visitors.

Access Control System Server

Server Room of any organization is crucial in terms of security as it is one of the most sensitive locations in any organization where company's data and computerized equipment, etc. are stored. Moreover, with Access Control System Server, clients can implement a special solution which can be used for granting extra security to Server rooms.

Retail Security Solution

Expanding sector of retail shops requires Retail Security Solution to protect the products from theft and miscarriages. Megasys offers the solution which uses a concept called Active Deterrence System. The system provides visual and audible alarm when a lifting incident occurs, and the client can be alarmed of the theft instantly.

Crowd Management System

Megasys develops and offers Crowd Management Solution which can be used for the management of large number of people gathering in congregations, religious pilgrimages and sports events, seminars, exhibitions, etc. in effective manner. In order to avoid chaotic situation occurring due to crowd, Crowd Management System is an excellent way out.

Patrol Management System

Based on RFID technology, Megasys offers exclusive Patrol Management Solution which helps clients watch over their employees that have had difficulties to track those whose working duties require moving from place to place including of security guard patrolling, policeman patrolling, remote equipment inspection or maintenance, etc. amongst others.


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