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Software Testing :

Software testing is crucial to software quality and is widely deployed by programmers and testers alike at Megasys. Before software is sold or delivered to the customer it is tested for its workability and quality by quality controllers and testers. Moreover, firm’s software testing aims and evaluates the capability of a program or system and determines that the software meets its required results. Not confined to debugging, the quality policy of Megasys is to offer quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation of the software.

Megasys’s software testing aims to identify the correctness, completeness, security, and quality of developed software and for it does not merely do running the program a few times to see whether it works or not, rather it believes in thorough testing. Software testing differs depending upon the type of software, though there are some common quality features which are in the following manner:

  • Reliability: A reliable and consistent testing for a set of data or pattern of behavior;
  • Stability: Testing for the tendency of the software whether it crashes under erroneous situations or not.
  • Portability: Testing the adaptation of the software whether it functions in varied computing environments or not.
  • Maintainability: Checking out whether the software would be able to be maintained and will perform in accordance with prescriptions and requirements.
  • Usability: The major criteria wherein it is decided whether the software will have usability for the client according to his goal or not.

Helping out its clients build reliable, secure, and user-friendly software products, Megasys is a leading IT service provider in India. There cannot be complete test of a program with moderate complexity, and complete testing of software cannot be perceived as there can never be complete establishment of the correctness of arbitrary computer software. However, Megasys slots in the right combination of extensive experience and sophisticated tools to perform comprehensive software testing.

Software testing to locate and correct software defects can be an endless process and can be considered a problematic method towards better quality; however, with right methods, it can be done successfully. The firm employs various processes of thorough investigation for offshore software testing and its testing engineers perform a number of mock tasks with the software and the software answers with its behavior in response to the probing of the testing engineer.

A renowned entity in IT solutions, the firm is well-equipped with hi-tech infrastructure and planned methodology to perform offshore and onshore software testing in a controlled environment. Moreover, Megasys has a pool of engineers who are trained and well-equipped to handle both manual & automated testing which is based on test plans and for that state-of-the-art software testing tools are used.

Megasys offers the following software testing services:

  • Functional testing
  • Web testing
  • White-box testing
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Performance, stress, and load testing
  • Security testing
  • Network and distributed testing
  • Volume testing.

Our extensive methodology includes the following phases:

  • Requirement analysis: Under requirement analysis establishment of testing processes and software environments is done;
  • Design analysis: Design analysis determines various aspects of the design that can be tested and the parameters which can be used by the concerned engineers for cost effective output;
  • Test planning: It includes test strategy, test plans, and test beds;
  • Test development: Involving of designing the test procedures, test scenarios, test cases, test scenarios, etc. it is a mandatory part of software testing;
  • Test execution: Involving the execution of the software based on the test plans and test cases, test execution is cardinal part of software testing;
  • Test reporting: Generating metrics and making final reports on the test results is crucial for better understanding of software; and,
  • Re-testing the defects: It is used for testing of the software again once the developers have fixed the bugs to check whether the correction has been done correctly or not.


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